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Help us to bring hoofbeats and heartbeats together…and add some regularly scheduled kindness to your week!

Volunteers such as yourself are the cornerstone of our organization.

Get Started…
  1. Independent volunteers must be a minimum of 14 years of age.

  2. Volunteers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a guardian.

  3. Complete the Registration and Release Form.

  4. Work with our Volunteer Team to schedule your General Orientation.

Ever dreamt of mastering the art of tacking or leading a horse? Perhaps you're already skilled but miss the thrill of utilizing those abilities? Whether you're eager to assist with lessons, embark on trail walks, tackle barn chores, or coordinate special events, all while forging connections with both humans and horses, we've got the perfect opportunity for you!

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization, generously dedicating thousands of hours each year to sustain our programs.

At Riding for Dreams, we welcome volunteers of all ages and skill levels. We provide comprehensive orientation sessions, enriching workshops, and personalized mentoring to ensure everyone has the chance to learn and evolve together. Our volunteers infuse our community with boundless energy, forming lasting bonds with our staff, riders, and equine companions. However you choose to lend a hand, your contributions – and smiles – are invaluable to our programs.

So why not join us in a place where happiness and healing are always part of the agenda?

Volunteers Who Can Help on Lesson days: 


In this sign up we are looking for Volunteers who can help with leading horses, sidewalking with students or on outside arena work on Tuesday's and Thursdays starting Tuesday June 4th through Thursday, August 1, 2024. Lessons times will be 4 pm - 8 pm daily. Shifts will be assigned with the Volunteer Coordinator with links through Sign-up Genius. Information will be shared on FACEBOOK on our Riding For Dreams Volunteer page. 

Every volunteer must put in 1 hour of training/orientation under Lonnie Rotenberger , please contact Volunteer Coordinator Roberta Forward at or call 701-210-0332. You can also reach out to Lonnie at 701-680-9558. 

Job Descriptions: 

Volunteers must be 16 year's old to help during lesson times.  We allow volunteers under 16 to help but must contact Roberta or Lonnie Rotenberger, Instructor for more information regarding how to help.  

Sidewalkers -->  Their task is to help the student through lessons by making sure they stay on the back of the horse safely.  They also will act as a "side” coach, mentor and friend to the students. Must wear closed toed shoes, and comfortable barn clothing, no jewelry or clothing that could be distracting. 


Horse Handlers --> Must have experience and be comfortable in leading the horses during lessons.  Must wear closed-toed shoes, preferably boots and comfortable barn clothing, no jewelry or clothing that could be distracting. 


Outside the Arena --> we have miscellaneous jobs of helping to keep the tack and equipment clean and organized.  Helping to set up lessons and tear down equipment used. 

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